Traffic Monsoon sets up bank

Traffic Monsoon has been experiencing steady growth and improvement as a provider of quality organic traffic.   With massive growth comes the need to adjust the sails and set the stage for the next quantum leap.  Here is an update from the owner, Charles Scoville about the plans in place at the time of this blog post to set up its own bank.

"There's another company which used payment processors and sold millions of their products/services.. When they setup their own bank, they became a billion dollar company; generating billions in sales, instead of millions. Sales increased. Their ability to penetrate additional markets increased. They could provide their services to more countries the processors didn't accept sending/receiving money to. The same team which setup that bank for this other company is the same team working on setting up TM World Bank. It's an honor working with these individuals. For the long term, this is going to be a greater benefit for traffic monsoon members than anyone might be able to imagine right now. Yes, it's a bit of a frustration -- just like it would be to move from one hosting company to another -- we're moving to our own bank, so I respect that some will find this a bit frustrating .. but in the long-run, this will be so much better for each member, and so much better for the company as a whole.

Not only does this give us the ability to sell more services to more people.. but it also will make it a lot easier for our members to get paid, and use their money faster without a middleman. It also protects the company over the long-term from sudden decisions a processor like paypal might make without warning. We'll have full control over the assets of the company, which is exactly the best way forward to make this company stand strong for years to come.

If you knew of the exciting things happening right now with amazing Emirates I'm meeting while here in Dubai, no one would think this is even close to being over. We're just getting started!

Here is a snapshot of my stats

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